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Created in 1967  

In 1967, Congress passed an updated housing act, which included a modernization component that could provide local housing authorities monies to make upgrades to properties, as well as, up-date management policies, decisions and practices.

One year after the act was passed, the Philadelphia Housing Authority (PHA) applied for and received 3.5 million dollars to modernize two developments projects as they were called back then - some people still use the term) "Tasker Homes and Richard Allen".  

Residents from both developments collectively filed a lawsuit against the PHA and the U. S. Office of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) proving that tenant participation requirements had not been met as required but ignored, in 1969 a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) was negotiated, created and signed by all parties.

This agreement (MOU), historically gave tenants bargaining power, it also solidified the organization that would become the Citywide bargaining agent - Resident Advisory Board of Philadelphia (RAB).   Subsequently, RAB were organized, created and provided technical assistance all across the Country by a resident formed organization - National Tenant Organization (NTO).

Residents feeling empowered and collectively laying the foundation and seek a better quality of life through the tenants rights movement, regulation enforcement, input into and to the day-to-day operations of the Housing Authorities and a voice that would support a real partnership between management and residents. 

Residents advocate, promote, monitor, demanding and expecting the equal and fair enforcement of the Code of Federal Regulations to be administered, adhered to and implemented daily.

RAB became a fearless advocate for tenant rights, through it's efforts of organizing, planning, program implementation, collectively negotiation as agreements are reached most of the time.   as it relates to issues that direct or indirect affect the residents of public and assisted housing.

As an organization, RAB)comprised of resident leadership.  we are supported by volunteers, partners and various resources that allow rab to utilizing various methods of informing, educating and mobilizing of residents and/or coalitions.  we remaining vigilant - as the regulatory and political climate is ever changing and the need for affordable housing - Safe, sanitary and a quality of life that is guarantee by the constitution and contribution.




Asia Coney, President
Jacqueline McDowell, Vice President
Marguerite Harris, Correspondence Secretary
Vacant, Recording Secretary
Lina Childs, Treasurer
Willie Wells, Assistant Treasurer
Vacant, Board Member at Large


Rosalie Wiley
Nellie Reynolds
Jacqueline McDowell


Arch Homes                       Bartrum Village Bentley Hall
Blumberg Apts. (Senior)  Blumberg Apts. (Family) Cassie L. Holly
Cecil B. Moore                   Champlost Homes                    Collegeview Apts.
  Emlem Arms                       Fairhill Apts.                           Haddington
          Harrison Plaza Haverford Homes                     Herbert Arlene
        Holmecrest Apts.                Katie B. Jackson Johnson Homes
Morton Homes
Oxford Village Queen Lane Apts
Parkview Apts. Plymouth Hall West Park Plaza

        Raymond Rosen                 Spring Garden Wilson Park (Family)
Whitehall Apts. Wilson Park (Seniors)


901  Haddington/Overbrook Cambridge Plaza I, II & III
902  Mantua                                        Germantown House
903  Kingsessing                                   Greater Grays Ferry Estates I & II
904  Germantown/Hunting Park          Lucien E. Blackwell  I, II & III
905  Fairhill Square                               & Marshall Shepherd
906  Francisville Ludlow III 
907  Ludlow                                         Mantua I & II
908  Susquehanna Martin Luther King IV
909  Strawberry Mansion Mount Olivet
910  Oxford/Jefferson                            Nellie Reynolds Gardens
                                                                       Norris LP
PRIVATE AME                                     Paschall Village I & II
                                                                        Richard Allen III

8 Diamonds                                          Suffolk Manor
Angela Court I Warnock I  II
Angela Court II
Courtyard @ Riverview
Martin Luther King I  III

Neumann North
Spring Garden II
Spring Garden SS
St. Anthony's (Seniors)


               Affordable HealthCare Insurance   -

Philadelphia Housing Authority (PHA)           
Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency (PHFA)
U.S. Department of Housing and Urban
Development (HUD)                                      
Community Legal Services of Philadelphia     
Low Income Home Energy Assistance 
Program (LIHEAP)

Philadelphia Electric Company (PECO)          
Philadelphia Gas Works (PGW)                    
Philadelphia Office of Supportive House        
Philadelphia Corporation for Aging (PCA)      
City of Philadelphia      
Pennsylvania Department of State                
Pennsylvania Unemployment Services          
Pennsylvania Career Links                          
PennDot Driver and Vehicle Services            
                   Liberty Resources   


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